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The Secret Children were formed by Byagi and maKo circa 2006 and they joined fiN Studios shortly thereafter.  Unique in style and presence, they are a West Coast duo that mixes electronic sounds with the elements of infused rock that feature a raw prowess of eclectic beats.  The Secret Children quickly established themselves as a genre that sets itself apart from anyone else.  Their unique sound and experimental approach to music is often regarded as a innovative creative process that dives into the listeners abstract mind.  

Currently, the Secret Children are working on their debut EP with a temporary release date in the spring of 2018. 



We are currently working on putting together the store for the site.  You will be able to purchase albums, memorabilia and also exclusive items that will only be available here.  

Make sure to check back often to see how much progress has been made.  

Store Progress - Secret Children
Coming Soon . . . 20%


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