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Through anguish and despair, maKo was created to give the listener sound that is truly an experience.  Driven by industrial influences and gothic grind-core, the sound is unique and abstract to the listener.  maKo has evolved over the course of many years and continues to dive further into the dark world of its gothic influences. 

New Release:

fiN005 - TPTLBU - EP3

the path that lies before us (EP)

WIth the success of GRIND and it’s hard hitting dance floor vibes, it was time to release the rest of the accompanying music that was written with the lead single. (Released 2/13/23)

“the path that lies before us” is a journey into industrial dance rhythm and all  that followed when creating such compositions. 


  • the path that lies before us 
  • Grind (Single Version)
  • Mind Lapse 
  • The Hunt 
  • The Dream 
  • Untitled 

Previous Releases:

All releases are available via major  streaming services worldwide, as well as for purchase in several locations such as iTunes Store and other stores.  

maKo - Grind artwork
fiN004 - griNd - single
maKo - aNgel artwork
fiN002 - aNgel - EP 1
maKo - aNgel b-sides artwork
fiN003 - aNgel - EP 2 (b-sides)
maKo - oRigiNs artwork
fiN001 - oRigiNs - LP 1

Artist Updates:

EP4 (maKo)

  • Status:Recording
  • fiN005 
  • Release Date: 2023


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