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Inspired by ambience, spiritual intellect and the surrounding environmental state, Christian Cameron needed an outlet for his experimental music side that didn’t fit into the realm of maKo. The pulse pounding beats and the harsh machines that drive the maKo project, are relatively absent in the black dreaM syndroMe project. 

While this is a relatively new project that Christian is working on, black dreaM syndroMe is an audio experience like no other and it will continue to be push forward as time allots. Its minimalistic approach and the focus on simplistic restraints gives the listener an escape into non-reality while questioning everything around.

Please Note: Currently, there are no physical releases for black dreaM syndroMe, but we are currently mastering some new tracks for an EP release in the spring of 2018.

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We are currently working on putting together the store for the site.  You will be able to purchase albums, memorabilia and also exclusive items that will only be available here.  

Make sure to check back often to see how much progress has been made.

Store Progress - black dreaM syndroMe
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