Welcome to our artist hub.  Below you will find all of our artists that are currently recording within our studios and links to their active pages on the site.  Each section is designed to give the viewer an insight into the artists and their art.  

As you dive into each page, you will find galleries, sound bytes, contact information and even links to purchase their music. 

*Note:  Some of the pages are currently under maintenance and to ensure that you have the best experience, we will not fully launch the page until there is actually a reason for being there.  

Artist Profiles:

maKo Grey logo
Industrial grind core with hints of despair and smashing electronic beats
BDS Logo
Escape your reality through tonal ambiance and environmental sound
... an auditory experience through modular synthesis and ambient textures
Mixed SC Logo
Byagi and maKo - mixing electronic sounds with the elements of infused rock

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