Synthrotek Sequence 8 - DIY Build

Seq 8 - BW Snazzy

For our first DIY build of August we are taking on the Synthrotek Sequence 8, a classic sequencer with an easy to use interface. If you are like us, you know that the heart of any modular system consists of two key things; clocks and sequencers.

Clocks are important because they tell the sequencer or modules at what pace to send a trigger or gate. A clocks counterpart, the sequencer controls at what point the gate or trigger is sent to the corresponding module (ie. drums, percussion, oscillator, LFO, etc). 

These give modular music their rhythm and flow. Without clocks or sequencers, your modular performance would just randomly trigger sounds and it would sound like a train wreck.

We needed to add another sequencer to one of our racks, and after doing research the classic interface of the Synthrotek Sequence 8 just made sense. The Sequence 8 is described as an “analog 8-step sequencer that is a traditional 8-step sequencer with some extremely handy features.”  We knew it was what we were looking for and therefore, we ordered up a kit and we were well on our way. 

On with the build…

The Sequence 8 DIY kit consists of x2 PCBs and x1 Panel. There are a lot of knobs, pots and jacks to go along with the kit, so don’t get overwhelmed by that. Along with all of the aforementioned are LEDs, resistors, capacitors, headers, ICs and all the other components needed to assemble the module. 

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