Cereal Instruments - Store-O-Rack

Seeing as we are continuously looking for the next awesome and unique modules to add to our racks, we came across a peculiar post from our friends out at Cereal Instruments. They had developed a limited number of a little box they call the Store-O-Rack. 

The Store-O-Rack is an 18HP box (literally) with a velcro top. Simple and genius… Announced specifically on Instagram as a limited edition, we knew these would be gone in minutes. A few minutes later and we were going to be one of the limited owners. 

Now, one might be asking why would someone want an 18HP box to put in their rack? Well, we have a HUGE studio case … multiple actually, and we have PLENTY of room. 

We also do a lot of modular DIY, so we have cable testerseurorack LED plugs and other supplies just sitting around. This was the PERFECT solution.

Store-O-Rack - Cereal Instruments - IG Post
The Store-O-Rack was born!