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Time-lapse Build: 4MS Rotating Clock Divider (RCD)

We just finished up the 4MS Rotating Clock Divider (RCD) to pair along with our RCD Breakout Kit.  While we didn’t time-lapse the build of the RCD Breakout, we did record the full build process of the Rotating Clock Divider.  We hope you enjoy!

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4MS RCD Breakout Module Time-lapse Build

Time-lapse video of the 4MS RCD Breakout Kit

We decided to take on the DIY kit of the 4MS RCD Breakout module which connects to the Rotating Clock Divider (RCD).

It was an pretty easy build as long as you have the patience for the intricate soldering of the individual ribbons in the power cable.  Make sure to also pay special attention to have the switches are set.  Once we were done, we hooked it up to our Synthrotek TST module to test the power cable and we were good to go. 

Note: Ribbons 13-16 are not used and you can pull them down carefully and cut them off. 


Next up is the 4MS RCD build – stay tuned!

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