Cereal Instruments SWERVE and RAZE - DIY Builds


We decided to do a few things a little different this month by not only having more than 1 build/review, but having 4 by one company… Cereal Instruments. Their utility modules are something that every rack should have in them. We use them all of the time not only for performance but for recording or just jamming. Check out the latest builds of the Cereal Instruments SWERVE and RAZE.


The Cereal Instruments swerve is a passive dual performer switch with mute buttons built in. You can toggle between sides with the toggle switches or temporarily mute one side or the other.

Jacks are either in’s or outs and are labeled simply as “a” or “b”. One thing to note is that this 2021 edition of swerve is not the same as Cereal Instruments earlier release of ‘swerve’ (which can be found here). This swerve is a performing switch whereas the other ‘swerve’ was a rotary switch that you could route cv, or effects to other modules.