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Time Lapse Build: Two Tone Dual Low Pass Gate

Time Lapse Build: Two Tone Dual Low Pass Gate - Black and Gold Edition

In our latest build, we take on the custom Two Tone Dual Low Pass Gate Eurorack module. This is the new 2018 Black and Gold version released earlier this year and needless to say … it comes packed full of surprises and killer tones!

Purely customizable by the builder and with their choice of capacitors, one can simply change the sound of this LPG by swapping out the capacitors with one of their liking. Another cool thing about this module is that it’s completely passive… that’s right.. PASSIVE. We are anxious to get this into our rack and had to pick one up as soon as we heard the amazing warmth this little 3HP module provided.

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Time-lapse Build: Sound Study Midi-2-CV

Check out latest Eurorack Modular build – the Sound Study Midi-2-CV.  As part of the February Modular Building month, this was a fun module to assemble even though the board was a little finicky.  We made it through and used our new overhead rig to film the build.  

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If you would like to pick one of these awesome modules up yourself, head on over and grab one!

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