FRUKU Oktra - DIY Build

As the fall season is upon us, we found ourselves going through our backlog of modules and came across the FRUKU Oktra. We have had this kit for some time, and now it was finally time to bring it to life. The Oktra has four independent outputs which can be controlled simultaneously with one knob (Macro Knob).

The four outputs all feature an attenuverter and two output sockets. If you also plug in an external signal, the macro knob is then bypassed and the module will function as a attenuverter/multiple. Sounds fancy eh? Let’s get on with the build shall we?

Links and more links…

Below are a series of links that have been provided by FRUKU to help assist with the use, building and buying of the Oktra.

Of course, we are here for you as well if you have any questions while building the module. Just hit us up on our Contact Page.

Resistors and Diodes