A special visitor to the studio... maKo

As we take a dive into the modular synthesis world, we were lucky to have maKo in our studio to play on the new rig.

Coming off recording his new single “Grind”, Christian is seemingly dissolving the maKo we used to know and love. Bringing a sense of industrial and noise to the playground, he is back with vengence and harshness. 

Music Updates:

All releases are available via major  streaming services worldwide as well as for purchase in several locations such as iTunes Store EP3 (maKo)
  • Status: Mastered. Finalizing artwork
  • fiN005
  • Release Date: fall 2020
Undisclosed project (MC)
  •  Status: Mastered. Finalizing artwork
  • fiN006 and fiN007
  • Release Dates: September 7, 2020

Current Releases:

Purchase – fiN001 – oRigiNs – LP 1

Purchase – fiN002 – aNgel – EP 1

Purchase – fiN003 – aNgel – EP 2 (b-sides)

Purchase – fiN004 – griNd – single

Comments or Suggestions?

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