Come and join us for Sacramento Audio Waffle 49 brought to you by The Red Museum, Norcal Noisefest and Thee Instagon Foundation on December 16, 2018. As you may remember, the original SAW 49 was cancelled due to localized poor air quality.  It was originally scheduled for November 18, 2018.

As usual, there will be featured artists from all around the area including Sacramento, Richmond and Oakland.  

Details: Doors open at noon and there is a $8-$10 sliding scale cash only cover charge that covers coffee and some amazing waffles.  

Where: The Red Museum – 212 15th Street Sacramento CA 95814

Artists Include:

Quartz Thrust (Sacramento/Davis)

Bryan Day (Richmond)

Andrew Kaluzynski (Oakland)

Vol (Oakland)

Major Tinnitus (Sacramento)

Symdrone (Sacramento)

Check out the flyer below!

Sacramento Audio Waffle 49 flyer

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact NorCal Noisefest and we hope to see you there!  Trust us, its a great time with great waffles, coffee and music!  Hope to see you there 

~ f i N