Time Lapse Build: Music Thing Modular - Turing Machine Mkii by THONK

In our latest build, we take on the Music Thing Modular Turing Machine Mkii DIY kit by THONK. Talk about one of the best kits we have ever received! This kit had each component individually packaged and labeled and it even came with a rad decal and button. As for the build – it took patience and its not recommended for the first time synth builder.

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We do plan on picking up all of the Music Thing Modular expansions from THONK and plan on doing some builds in the future. But until then, here is a little info from THONK about the Turing Machine:

“Since it was launched in June 2012, the Turing Machine has become one of the most popular Eurorack DIY projects. It is a random looping sequencer that spits out basslines and melodies. It generates strings of random voltages that can be locked into looping sequences. These sequences can be allowed to slip, changing gradually over time. This module was inspired by the long history of shift register pseudorandom synth circuits, including the Triadex Muse, Buchla 266 Source of Uncertainly and Grant Richter’s Noisering.”

Turing Machine Mkii
Music Thing Modular - Turing Machine Mkii

2016+ Turning Machine Revisions:

• Rotary loop length switch

• Pulse out

• Two boards, includes Backpack circuit to drive expanders (compatible with old Music Thing expanders)

• Easier to build: a larger PCB in the same width, clock and noise circuits are more robust

• Noise level trimmer & reduced voltage in noise circuit to make circuit more robust with different noise transistors

• Compatible with existing expanders (Pulses, Voltages, Vactrol Mix) but not the BYTES expander.


Power – 40ma +12v, 0ma -12v

Depth – 33mm

Width – 10hp

Video Details:

Music: Untitled

Artist: maKo

Album: oRigiNs

Released: 2001 (remastered 2018)

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