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Synthrotek AstroNoise – DIY Build

Synthrotek AstroNoise - DIY Build

Inspired by 80’s chip tune drum machines, the Synthrotek AstroNoise contains 3 different vintage tones that can give your track something its been missing. Originally released as a DIY project for Knobcon, the AstroNoise came into the world of modular last year in all of its nostalgic glory.

Since we could not make it to Knobcon 2021, we were thankful that this kit made it into the wild. Let’s get on with the build!

The Build...

Upon cracking open the kit, the novice builder could be overwhelmed by the number of things going on. Multiple ICs, bags of LEDs and switches and pots that are not labeled. Synthrotek includes the BOM with their kit and it also available online if that is easier to access. This is essential in building this kit, as well as having a way to test resistors in case any of them got shuffled in the packing or shipping. First things first; start by separating everything (make sure to keep the LEDs in their bags until you get to that part of the build)

Modular Plug Lights – Available Soon!

2017 marked a new beginning in the studio with our newest modular synthesizer added to our repertoire of instruments. Whats funny is that this one machine probably takes up more of our time then any one machine or computer does.

Modular Plug Lights

Every button, every knob and every patch is different. The options are limited only by the user. One thing we did notice right away was that not every module is created equal. Some have lights, some don’t. Some transpose CV and some only focus on MIDI or audio signals. With all this being said and as our rack continues to grow, we thought about ways we could monitor signals with the use of LEDs.

We scoured the inter-webs for thoughts or ideas on how we could do something unique and yet functional to our rack that would give us the ability to monitor a signal through the use of an LED. We eventually stumbled upon the Trinniti Eurorack Synthesizer Modular Plug Lights, and thought to ourselves… why pay 35$ for 5 of them when I can just make them. So thats what we did!

Starting in December 2017 (hopefully), we will have a store setup on the site to where you can purchase our handmade 3.5mm Modular Plug Lights. Prices will be a lot more reasonable then what you can find on the web and we will stand behind our work and test each and every plug prior to shipping. We are currently in the process of building back stock as we speak. Another cool thing is that there will be different models available as well and you will be able to order in various numbers … whatever you need to fit your need.

Here is a little sneak peek of the plugs and we will have more information soon on pricing and availability.

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