As the winter months approach, we find ourselves wanting to build more modules that are unique and serve a purpose. FRUKU as you know is a buddy of ours and like modules previously built, they serve a purpose. One of his latest modules is named Itora which we have no idea what significance that name means, but we had to have it.

The Itora according to FRUKU is a “cascaded” LFO module with four independent unsynced LFO speeds that are all controlled with one knob. Each LFO has a square and triangle wave output and the module features a cv input (with attenuator) for the speed parameters. Sounds rad huh? We thought so too, which is why this module is our most recent build. 

Links and more links…

Below are a series of links that have been provided by FRUKU to help assist with the use, building and buying of the ITORA.

Of course, we are here for you as well if you have any questions while building the module. Just hit us up on our Contact Page.

Let’s get on with the build…