FRUKU Glue - DIY Build

FRUKU has some pretty badass modules and one of his latest, Glue is a 4hp compressor module with a lot of grit. Glue is a compressor that has a high pass filter to help clean up any sound tossed through it. The high pass filter is fixed at 20 hrtz.

As for the kit itself, it requires basic soldering knowledge and a fairly steady hand as some of the components are pretty close to one another. With that being said, we didn’t let that sway us away from taking on the FRUKU Glue for our first build of December. 

Links and more links…

Below are a series of links that have been provided by FRUKU to help assist with the use, building and buying of the Glue.

Of course, we are here for you as well if you have any questions while building the module. Just hit us up on our Contact Page.