FRUKU Evi - DIY Build

One of our favorite manufacturers, FRUKU is at it again with the release of his Evi module. In only 2HP, the FRUKU Evi is an envelope follower and signal inverter, meaning that you can plug any audio signal into the module and you will output an inverted envelope. What can this do? 

Well, it can add some spice to your signal routing and bring some flare to those beats you oh so desire. As one of our first builds of the fall season, the Evi was a perfect module for us to get our hands on. Let’s get on with the build. 

Links and more links…

Below are a series of links that have been provided by FRUKU to help assist with the use, building and buying of the Evi.

Of course, we are here for you as well if you have any questions while building the module. Just hit us up on our Contact Page.

Let’s get on with the build…