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While there are many 808 Kick modules on the market, none are quite like the B0B from FRUKU, a designer out of the Netherlands. The B0B is FRUKU’s first solo module and all we can say is that it packs one hell of a punch.

Now, you might be asking yourself, where have you heard the name FRUKU before? A few months back, we built and featured the Veratrum, a new module by Reverse Landfill and guess who… FRUKU! 

The B0B is unique in that even though it is an 808 kick drum, it has a clipping parameter that accepts CV to control the amount of grit you want to add. The module features a decay, tone and volume pot as well. It’s black panel mimics that of the Veratrum and a lot of the modules produced by our friends at Reverse Landfill. 

Links and more links…

Below are a series of links that have been provided by FRUKU to help assist with the use, building and buying of the B0B.

Of course, we are here for you as well if you have any questions while building the module. Just hit us up on our Contact Page.

Let’s get on with the build…

BEFACO KICKALL Eurorack Module – DIY Build

BEFACO KICKALL Eurorack Module - DIY Build

Befaco Kickall Packaging

As we head into the summer months here at fiN Studios, we take on our second build of the month … the Befaco KICKALL Eurorack Module. 

The KICKALL is a 6HP compact synth voice that features damn near everything you need to make a big fat KICK sound. This module is a powerhouse. It contains a VCO that tracks voltage per octave, an aggressive wave shaper and has the ability to use CV to control envelopes and pitch.

CV is controllable from Sine to Square wave shaping and the envelope decay for the main VCA is also CV controlled. So, what does this mean?  It’s a badass kick drum synth! 

What about that design?

Before we get into the logistics of the build, we want to take a moment to appreciate the Befaco KICKALL dual PCB layout. As a pretty complex and time consuming build, the two PCBs, once joined are a tight fit.  One would question how they did this so well, but designers uncanny knack to make each piece integrate with the other is amazing. You have to take a step back and appreciate its ingenuity and design.

This can also make for a difficult time for the novice DIYer. You have to be precise with your soldering points. Even as a more experienced builder, we took the time to finesse the module PCBs together.  The main thing here is that you want to make sure that you have no high tips in your solder points as they can short the boards or cause unwanted issues.  With all that being said, let’s get onto the build…

Time Lapse Build: Synthrotek DS-M

Synthrotek Drum Synth Module: DS-M Time Lapse Build

Play Video

We take on the Synthrotek Drum Synth Module otherwise known as the DS-M in our latest Eurorack Modular Build. The DS-M is a full featured drum synth that can emulate virtually any drum sound with a twist of a few knobs.  It is a complex, modifiable analog drum synth loosely based on the Coron DS-8 according to the Synthrotek website.  It a relatively moderate build with stand up resistors and intricate soldering points needed.  We recommend if you are new to soldering, to start out with something other then this.  

During our build, we made sure to double check each resistor prior to populating the board.  As usual, diodes and caps are directional based whereas the resistors are not.  This 8hp module packs a big punch just like its predecessor the DS-8.  Changes to the original DS-8 include the following:

  • VCA-like trigger input (more voltage = louder output)
  • Trimmer-adjustable attack
  • LED trigger indicator
  • 1v/o tracking (C0-C4)
  • Triangle core oscillator
  • Additional noise color switch setting (3 settings instead of 2)
  • More distinct noise timbres
  • Louder, improved noise circuit
  • Really LOW bass frequencies 
  • Total range ~4Hz to 2.6kHz

As well as being an amazing little drum synth, this module is also a fully functional monophonic synth that has the following features:

  • 1v/o tracking (C0-C4) 
  • Adjustable attack and decay envelope over the VCA 
  • Built-in LFO circuit
  • Sweep circuit
  • Noise circuit

You can plug in your CV or keyboard directly from your MIDI-2-CV converter and you are ready to go!  You can also use it stand alone as a monophonic synth if you choose to do so.  

DS-M Features:

  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 1.75″ (44mm)
  • Power connection: 10 Pin Keyed Eurorack
  • Current Draw: +12V: 20mA, -12V: 10mA (5V not used)

Hint:  The magic really happens when you connect 2x DS-M’s together…. 

To purchase the fully assembled DS-M, click here: http://store.synthrotek.com/DS-M_Analog_Drum_Synth_Module?Affid=15

If you would like to purchase the full DIY kit of the DS-M, click here: http://store.synthrotek.com/DS-M_Analog_Drum_Synth_Module_DIY_Kit?Affid=15

If you just want to purchase the DS-M panel and PCB combo, check out this link: http://store.synthrotek.com/DS-M_Analog_Drum_Synth_Module_PCB_and_Panel_Combo?Affid=15

Video Details:

Music: Deep_Purple

Artist: maKo

Album: oRigiNs

Released: 2001

Remastered: 2018

Genre: Dance/electronic

Producer: maKo