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Landscape.fm AllFlesh – DIY Build and Demo

Landscape.fm AllFlesh - DIY Build and Demo

Every once in awhile a product comes along that is a game changer. While we would like to think some of our products are indeed just that, but we aren’t here to talk about that.

A few months back we visited our dear friend in Portland and happened to stop by one of our favorite shops, Control Voltage. We spent our time tinkering with some modules we had our eyes on and visited with the staff prior to heading out. 

Before heading out though, we noticed they had AllFlesh kits by Landscape.fm for sale. We picked up a kit, thanked the staff and headed out for the day. Months passed and we had nearly forgotten about the AllFlesh kit we had purchased until we were reorganizing the shop and happened to run across them. With the season of giving upon us, we decided to build a kit and give some new life to our modular system. 

Audio Parasites Pac Man Light Up Blank – DIY Build

Audio Parasites Pac Man Blank Light Module - DIY Build

Everyone loves to customize their modular system and as time passes there are more and more options available to do so. We were scouring our favorite synth Facebook pages to find a really retro and badass module. Audio Parasites is known for their unique panels and their fresh looking take on eurorack. 

At one point, they had posted a LED light up module that had Pac Man and 3 Ghosts on it. This was just something we had to get our hands on!

Bagged up kit
A tiny little bag for a cool module

vpme.de Zeroscope – DIY Build

vpme.de Zeroscope - DIY Build

The Zeroscope is a small 6hp two-channel Eurorack oscilloscope module made by vpme.de. We have had this kit for some time now and decided it was finally time to jump in and put this little thing together. The kit was purchased at Synthcube and it contained all of the necessary parts to assemble the module.

Since this was an SMD build for the most part, we did not record a time lapse video of it, but decided to share pics of the build instead. We also recommend that you polish up on your SMD technique if you are not familiar these types of modules. Parts are very small and require a very steady hand to finesse things correctly. 

Zeroscope Kit