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oRigiNs – Cover Art Comparison 2001 vs 2018

maKo oRigiNs old coveroRigiNs - Remastered Cover 2018

As we approached the reissue of the oRigiNs album by maKo, we decided to take a look back at the cover art and compare it to the new reissued artwork and what it will look like upon its release in 2019.  We had originally scheduled this release for October of 2018, but decided to pull the album back for some last minute tweaks in the mastering and production.

Since this audio was recorded on audio cassette circa 1994 and then issued on CD in 2001, the master files needed some heavy duty reworking.  To bring you the best sound possible, we decided to push this one back and move forward with the new maKo single titled “griNd“, as well as the remastering of his previous EPs “aNgel” and it’s b-sides “fa113_n“. These reissues will release after the single and oRigiNs will follow thereafter.

Updated Release Timeline: maKo

December 2019 – griNd

January 2019 – aNgel EP

February 2019 – fa113_n (aNgel b-sides EP)

TBD Q1 2019 – oRigiNs

Album Reissue: oRigiNs (Remaster) by maKo

UPDATE:  This release was pushed back to 2019. 

When: October 30, 2018

Where: Online only 

Description:  We will be reissuing the first album by maKo that has been fully remastered for today’s listener.  It will not be available anywhere else but on the site as we will be doing a PWYW with a minimum of 5$ purchase to help us continue to refresh the studio and acquire some new gear.  

Payment Details: Pay what you want – minimum 5$ – PayPal accepted. 

More details coming later. Stay tuned… 

~ f i N

Maintenance – Site

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that we will be doing a little maintenance and updating the site throughout the week. This is to ensure that you have the best possible experience while visiting us.  

ps.  We are also working on the remastering of the oRigiNs album by maKo.  

Stay tuned ….

~ f i N

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