Synthrotek TURN - Power Management Module DIY Build

Synthrotek TURN - Instagram photoAre you having power issues with your Eurorack system?  Do you ever experience flashing lights of doom when you power on your system? The Synthrotek TURN might have you covered!

Let’s face it … rack systems draw and use a lot of power. Whether this be on start up or whether it be through a sustained time period (during recording, tinkering, performing, etc). Much like the Windows screen of death or the Mac spinning rainbow wheel; rapid blinking lights or no lights upon startup of a rack system can be VERY stressful. This is something that we can all face from time to time and trying to find the source of the issue can be a real task. Things like flipped power cables, bad solder joints and overloaded power rails can all be culprits. With all of these potential issues causing power draws, the gang out at Synthrotek have come up with a solution to tackle power management upon startup. Introducing the Synthrotek TURN.

We were one of the many that were having startup issues from time to time and spent countless hours going through and testing each module/cable only to find that nothing was wrong with our rack. We emailed Synthrotek and come to find out the Synthrotek TURN was under development. Upon its release, we picked one up and decided to take on the build. With all that being said, lets get onto the build…

Synthrotek TURN - Time Lapse Build

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A relatively inexpensive module; the TURN can be a headache saver. The build itself was also a painless task for anyone with a small level of soldering knowledge. During our build which lasted roughly 30-45 min (a little longer because we had a dirty iron…which we had to clean), we used two different sizes of solder for the various connectors and jacks. With all resistors, we used a smaller gauge wire (0.4mm) and a slightly larger gauge solder for jacks and knobs (0.8mm). With only two resistors, 2 LEDs, 2 switches and 4 molex adapters, we were finished before we knew it.

Upon completion, we quickly placed the TURN into our performance case and instantly powered on the main power. Toggled a switch and the next set up modules powered up. It was flawless and provided us with some peace of mind with regard to over amping the system. One thing to note is that the Synthrotek TURN can be used with Synthrotek power/bus boards via the supplied Molex cables or 3rd party power/bus boards via Molex adapter cables, adding more versatility to the TURNS already usefulness. Hands down, this is a must have for any rack.

Synthrotek TURN - Build Gallery

Synthrotek TURN - Module Specifications

TURN Detailed Features:
Module width: 4HP

Module depth: 50mm (with cables plugged in)

Max current draw: 8mA

Synthrotek TURN - Additional Information

BONUS: If you are in the need of saving valuable HP, you can install the TURN switches in the side of your case! The TURN can be purchased as a PCB without a panel; when mounting into your case, the LEDs and standoffs are not needed, so only two holes are necessary (for the switches). This is pretty rad!

Supplemental Photos and Wiring Diagrams

If you have any questions about the build process or if you would like to send us suggestions, please feel free to contact us!

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