Synthrotek Octave Fuzz - Time Lapse Build

For our first build of 2019, we take on the Synthrotek Octave Fuzz module.  You ask why we chose this module? What attracted us to needing this module in our rack?  Well the answer is simple… that 1970’s fuzz sound that you rarely hear in music these days.

Combined with the ability to trim the octave and gain on the back of the module opens up a whole new slew of sounds. The 70s never sounded so good in a module!  Onto the build … 

The Synthrotek Ocatve Fuzz is a relatively moderate build as long as you have a steady hand and patience while reading the BOM. Synthrotek has always done a great job with the BOM and their assembly guides, and the Octave Fuzz is no different.  The tricky part of this build is that you need to populate two boards.  This can quickly become a mess if you don’t have something to organize all of the parts in or if you aren’t paying attention to the BOM. Just remember, if it gets too overwhelming, simply focus on one board at a time and separate parts accordingly prior to assembly.  

As you can see from the video, we decided to work on both boards simultaneously, so that we do not lose track of where the resistors, diodes and capacitors go. The only thing differentiating which board your components go on is an asterisk on the BOM… (ie. You can lose track quickly if you aren’t paying attention)

When it was all complete, we also swapped out the classic white Davies knobs with some cool clear Davies knobs to give our module that individual look it needed. We popped it into our rack, patched it in and turned up the 70s fuzz of nostalgia. 

Check out the images of the build below, followed by the the Octave Fuzz Module Specifics. 

Octave Fuzz Build Gallery

Synthrotek Octave Fuzz Specifications:

Module Description:

– Scoop switch for a ‘scooped’ mid-range, or to have a midrange boost.

– CV input over the Expander part of the circuit (similar to gain)

– True wet/dry mix. – 35mm (1 3/8″) Deep

– Current Draw: 24mA @ -12v 32mA @ +12v 0mA @ +5v

Module Dimensions:

Height – 3U

Width – 6HP

Featured Music: Scientist (Drumcell Remix)

Artist: SONOIO

Album: NON RED

Released: 2011

Synthrotek Octave Fuzz Audio Sample

If you have any questions about the Synthrotek Octave Fuzz build, please feel free to contact us.  If you would like to purchase the Octave Fuzz kit, please click HERE to be redirected to Synthrotek where you can complete the purchase.

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