Synthrotek Nandamonium MK2 Euroack Module - DIY Build

For our most recent build, we take on the 2019 Synthrotek Eurorack Nandamonium MK2. It is described as a module with low pulsing drones enhanced by high-pitched laser sounds and dive bombs. It contains 6 square oscillators with a delay. Originally released as a desktop synth, Synthrotek has brought the Nandamonium back in 2019 and made it available to Eurorack owners worldwide. It is available preassembled, as a DIY Kit or a Panel/PCB combo.

At a whopping 38HP, this dual 4093 NAND synth is a beast and the sounds that you can get out of it will bring a unique and edgy sound to your modular rack. Desktop synth users, don’t fret.  Synthrotek has you covered.  They also produce a desktop module, complete in 3 forms (Assembled, DIY Kit and Panel/PCB combo) Let’s get onto the build …

Nandamonium - Completed Module
The Synthrotek Nandamonium MK2 - 2019 Eurorack Module - 6 drone oscillating madness!

At first glance the Synthrotek Nandamonium MK2 can look daunting, but in all reality its a pretty simple build. The PCB is laid out nicely and its easy to follow the BOM with ease. Synthrotek has always done a great job with their BOM’s and assembly instructions, so we knew we wouldn’t have any issues with the build itself. After unpacking the module and setting the awesome decals to the side, we laid everything out and decided to jump right in.

Full DIY Kit
Main board and resistors

Take note here The boards are new … really new, so take your time and don’t overheat your iron thinking the solder is having issues. Grab the handy flux pen and coat the joints before soldering. We found that this was easier than trying to force the solder. The flux just grabs the solder and pulls it down where it needs to go.

Towards the end of the build, you have to install the two ribbon soft pots. These guys have an adhesive that when it sticks, it really sticks. Take your time when installing these ribbon controllers, trust us on this one! After installing all of the nuts to hold the switches and pots down, we were ready to go.

2019 Nandamonium MK2 - Time Lapse Build

Build Note: At 38 HP, make sure you have some room in your case or rack for this beast. You might have to do some rearranging to mount it, but trust us it is so worth it.

Upon firing up the 2019 Synthrotek Eurorack Nandamonium MK2, we were drawn to its multi-colored LED that pulsed as we fired up the oscillators for the first time. Layer upon layer the drones came in with tones withered by decay.

A press of the warp button and the sound shifts to a small speaker sound, muddled by delays. A press of the feed blast button and the Nandamonium introduces max feedback momentarily which gives the module an intricate sound that peaks the users ears.

Nandamonium MK2 - Audio Samples

We made sure to capture some of the modules sounds in raw format and then patched with our 4MS Atoner Module. There is no doubt that the Nandamonium MK2 will be a big player in our rack. Whether it be from its heavy drones or piping CV through its two SAG CV inputs, the 2019 Synthrotek Eurorack Nandamonium MK2 is a must have for any modular system

Nandamonium MK2 - Build Gallery ​

Nandamonium MK2 - Module Specifications

Module width: 38HP
Module depth: 22mm
+12V current draw: 15mA

If you would like to purchase the 2019 Synthrotek Eurorack Nandamonium, head on over to Synthrotek by clicking the links below, and let them know your friends at fiN Studios sent ya!

Nandamonium MK2 - Ordering Information

Desktop Version

Eurorack Version

Nandamonium Desktop Kit
Nandamonium Desktop Kit
Nandamonium Eurorack Kit
2019 Eurorack Kit
Desktop Panel and PCB
Desktop Panel and PCB
Eurorack Panel and PCB
Eurorack Panel and PCB
Assembled Desktop Nandamonium
Assembled Desktop Nandamonium
Assembled Eurorack Nandamonium
Assembled Eurorack Nandamonium

Synthrotek Nandomonium MK2 - The Final Word

Overall Module Rating:

The 2019 Eurorack Nandamonium MK2 by Synthrotek is a MUST have for any modular rack system. The build is straight forward, with special attention paid to the soft pot mounting.  

As for the sound, its beautiful layering of 6 oscillators make for a harmonic chorus that can easily be manipulated, distorted or even driven to the edge of the galaxy. We know we will be using this one for a long time to come. 

~ f i N

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