Synthrotek Arcadian Rhythms - DIY Modular Build

Completed Module

As the new year draws upon us, we take on a brand new module originally introduced at Knobcon 2019. The Synthrotek Arcadian Rhythms is a touch controller that brings the feel of the retro arcade right to eurorack. 

The design of the module is quite simple. Three arcade buttons, a power header, some standoffs, three jacks, a few resistors and a couple trimmers make up the module. This simple, yet intricate little design gives even the novice builder a chance to take a stab at DIY.

Synthrotek have always had a knack for ensuring that the builder is well suited to tackle their builds. They not only include a BOM with their kits, but they post their BOM and assembly instructions on their website as well.

Now, enough with all that… let’s get on with the build.

Time Lapse and Build Notes

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When we started our build, we first took time to separate out all of the components so that we could easily get to things when we needed. Right off the bat, break apart your PCB. It comes in two parts but are joined when you receive them. The larger PCB is for the LEDs and components while the smaller is for a standoff and the jacks

The LED buttons also have couplers on them and one can just start by throwing those away since you won’t be using them. Also, make sure to hang onto a couple resistor legs if you already don’t have a few sitting around. You will be using these later.

Start with the resistors and use a top-down solder if you can. If not, you can solder from the bottom, but the top makes it quicker and cleaner. While you are on the main PCB, go ahead and solder the trimmers and the power header. Then, solder in your standoff and then the jacks on the smaller PCB. We made the mistake of soldering the jacks on before the standoff and had to be VERY careful not to burn the jacks when we had to go back. Take note of this!

Once we got the jacks, trimmers, etc. soldered into place, we moved onto the LED arcade buttons. Remember those extra resistor legs we spoke of earlier; this is where they come into play. They (the extra resistor legs) will be soldered onto two of the LED terminals to help extend their reach through the PCB.  After this is done, the LEDs can be placed through the panel, followed by attaching the panel the PCB with the supplied screws.

Lastly, solder all the remaining legs and hole through parts to complete the module. We headed on over to our test case and plugged the module into our Synthrotek TST module to ensure everything was working correctly.  Everything was good to go (as usual). 

After placing the newly build Synthrotek Arcadian Rhythms into our performance case, we instantly fired it up and patched with the 2HP Pluck, Creep Cluster and Befaco KICKALL. A couple quick button taps and we were pushing gates and triggers to all of the different module we had patched. You can check out some of the patching samples in the video below.

AR Specifications & Colors

Specifications: :

  • Module width: 35mm
  • Module depth: 6HP
  • Current draw: +12V: 123mA max (41mA per button)

LED Colors Available:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow 
  • White

Arcadian Rhythms Sample Patch &Triggering

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Details & Purchasing Information

Panel and PCB Combo

  • Black Panel 
  • Configurable LED buttons
  • 2 PCBs (1 detaches)
  • List Price: $19.99 USD
  • Click on the image to be redirected to the Synthrotek Store Page

Arcadian Rhythms DIY Kit 

  • Includes all components, PCB and Panel for assembly
  • Black Panel 
  • Configurable LED buttons
  • List Price: $34.99 USD
  • Click on image to be redirected to the Synthrotek Store Page

Assembled Arcadian Rhythms Module

  • Fully assembled and calibrated 
  • Black Panel 
  • Configurable LED buttons
  • List Price: $55.00 USD
  • Click on image to be redirected to the Synthrotek Store Page

Synthrotek Arcadian Rhythms - Final Thoughts

Overall Rating:

In the end, the Arcadian Rhythms module by Synthrotek is a fun and interactive module to have in ones case. While only having a few days with the module, we are anxious to spend more time with it. Needless to say it will be in our performing rack due to its quick response and cool arcade buttons. This one is a must have for anyone looking for a new and innovative way to interact with their modules. High-5 to Synthrotek and the stellar design! 

If you have questions or comments about the build of the Arcadian Rhythms, please feel free to reach out to us via our Contact page.

If you would like to pick up the module, click on the links above to head on over to Synthrotek and let them know that we sent ya!

Until the next build … 

~ f i N

Arcadian Rhythms Front