RK Random Sequencer (SEQ) Modular Build

Rat King Modular SEQ DIY Kit

For our first build of July, we take on the Rat King Modular Random Sequencer (or SEQ as it’s known). This build is hot on the tails (no pun intended!) of the EVENT that we completed last month and we have to admit it . . . it was just as fun to build as the EVENT.

The Random SEQ panel and PCB are laid out similarly to the EVENT with its matte black panel and mustard yellow PCB. The blue hue from the LED below the panel appears frosted as the LED is not a panel through mount.

One might question how many more modules the Rat King will make… all we can hope for is a lot more!

As for the build itself, it was a quick and easy build for the advanced or intermediate builder lasting only about an hour. For the novice builders, this is a great one to get your feet wet with as the BOM and quick setup instructions (provided with the kit or available online) allow for easy reading. 

Time Lapse and Build Notes

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As for the build, it was a relatively simple build and the PCB accepting solder quickly and thoroughly. We opted for top down soldering of the resistors, caps and transistor. The rest of the build was straight forward bottom panel soldering. As with most of our builds, we like to use Frog Tape brand tape to hold components in place if we have to flip the board to bottom solder. We also used our “Helping Hands” to hold everything securely while we let the solder flow. 

Upon finishing the Rat King Modular Random SEQ, we tested the module in our test case to ensure no bad connections or shorts. The build was flawless and it took about an hour to complete from start to finish. We popped it our demo case and fired it up. We partnered it with the EVENT, 4MS Atoner, the 2HP Pluck and a couple of Doepfer modules and began patching. Here’s a video of our first patch which showcases audio samples of some of the craziness we were able to make in such a short amount of time.

The Random SEQ generates quantized random sequences as well as 8 or 16 step randomly generated sequences. This is ideal for quickly (and musically) starting a patch, augmenting a patch, and performing live! The module generates quantized voltages between 0 and +4V.  In the sequencer modes, the module repeats the last 8 or 16 randomly generated steps as a sequence. 

  • Note: In addition to being used as a random module, it also doubles as a master clock generator, ranging from 8ms to 50 seconds
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Features and Specifications


  • Random mode select jack: selects fully random, 16-step sequence or 8-step sequence
  • Clock rate control
  • Clock reset jack: resets the clock when it receives a +5V pulse, useful for syncing with external clocks
  • CV over clock rate (additive)
  • Clock and random CV outputs
  • Random voltage generator range: 0 to +4V
  • Clock speed: 8ms to 50 seconds

Dimensions and Power:


  • Module width: 4HP
  • Module depth: 21mm

Power consumption:

  • +12V: 20mA
  • -12V: 0mA

RK EVENT - Audio Sample

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Purchasing Information

Panel and PCB Combo

  • Black Matte Panel 
  • Mustard/Gold Dual Sided PCB
  • List Price: $24.99 USD
  • Click on the image to be redirected to the Synthrotek Store Page

Random SEQ DIY Kit 

  • Includes all components, PCB and Panel for assembly
  • List Price: $49.99 USD
  • Click on image to be redirected to the Synthrotek Store Page

Assembled SEQ Module

  • Fully assembled and calibrated 
  • List Price: $74.99 USD
  • Click on image to be redirected to the Synthrotek Store Page

Rat King Modular Random SEQ - The Final Word

Overall Rating:

When it was all said and done, the Rat King Modular Random Sequencer was an awesome build experience.  It is a quick build for the advanced builder and an easy build for the novice. It’s style is in light of the other Rat King Module EVENT and it pairs well with its brethren kin.

Our limited time with the module only ignites the possibilities that it is capable of. One begins to wonder, if we might need another just for fun!

If you have questions or comments about the Rat King Modular Random SEQ, please feel free to reach out to us via our Contact page. If you would like to pick up the SEQ, click on the links below to head on over to Synthrotek (it’s exclusive) and let them know that we sent ya!

Until the next build … 

~ f i N

Completed EVENT build