Noise Filtering Power Distribution Board - DIY Kit

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At the core of all our modular racks is power. As with any eurorack module, the most common type of connector is the ribbon cable either with a 10-pin connector or a 16-pin connector. What those connectors plug into is either a busboard on a PCB or a flying bus cable. We will be taking on the Synthrotek Noise Filtering Power Distribution Board for our first June build.

We have a large custom Eurorack case that we need to fill with modules and we needed noise filtering distribution boards to ensure we have the best power/noise filtering available… Synthrotek answered the call!

We opted for this board because it has power on all three rails (-12, +12, +5) and contains an LED for each rail so that we know the power is flowing like it should. The cool thing about this distro board is that it also has its own ground connection on each rail. It can be used in conjunction with the Synthrotek Power Supply System or it can be used with various other power supplies.

On to the build, time lapse and galleries…

Board Build Notes and Time Lapse

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As for the build itself, it wasn’t that difficult. It just felt monotonous in that you have 17 power connections to solder.. which can take some time and patience if you are not used to soldering the same thing over and over. With our build, we just put on some jams and poured ourselves a nice tall lemonade to buckled down. The kit only contains 3 LEDs, 18 ceramic capacitors, 9 electrolyte capacitors, 6 Molex connectors and a few resistors.

It’s safe to say that if you are new to soldering, this is an easy project where you can get lots of practice making the perfect solder joints. On the other hand, this is a power piece that will feed your modules… so make sure you do a good job with your joints. Before you know it, you will be done and ready to mount the distro board into your rack/case.

Noise Filtering Power Distribution Board - Gallery

Technical Tip: Use blue painters tape or green frog tape to help hold down some of your components prior to soldering. This helps keep them flush on the PCB prior to tacking them down.

The Power Distribution Board took about 30 min to build overall and it is safe to say that we will be building more in the near future. We are set to order and build about 14 more of these Power Distribution Boards by Synthrotek due to their extreme reliability and noise filtering (not to mention they are pretty easy to build).

Features and Specifications

  • Noise Filtering capacitors are placed in three sections on the board to help minimize power line noise & module to module noise
  • 17 Eurorack power connections, keyed for safety
  • Molex connectors make installation a snap with our Deluxe Power (optional); or hard-wire your cable in place of the molex connector
  • Daisy-chain boards together easily with additional molex cables
  • Cut the board down to desired length to fit your case
  • Comes with spacers and wood screws for mounting inside your case
    PCB size: 1 5/16 x 16 inches (3.33 x 40.64cm)

Please note: do not connect two power supplies to a single distribution board.

If you have questions or comments about the build, please feel free to contact us.

If you would like to purchase the Noise Filtering Power Distribution Board, head on over to Synthrotek by clicking the links below, and let them know your friends at fiN Studios sent ya!

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Noise Filtering Power Distribution Board Kit
Noise Filtering Power Distribution Board DIY KIT - $34.99
Noise Filtering Power Distribution Board Assembled
Noise Filtering Power Distribution Board Assembled - $49.99
Noise Filtering Power Distribution Board PCB
Noise Filtering Power Distribution Board PCB - $14.99