It's Time To Get Your Merch On!

Welcome to the merch section of the site. As the site continues to grow, we will continually be adding new items on a regular basis.

Our in-house design team is always one step ahead of all fashion/streetwear trends and will never deliver stale art… This is a FACT!

So what types of things will you find here?

You can sport the latest limited edition fiN Studios hoodie or fiN t-shirt. Colors and variations are available as well.

Do you have anything besides merch?

Yes, yes we do! We have partnered with multiple vendors to bring you quick access to some of the coolest modular synthesizers around. This is the section of the site that is constantly being worked on and we encourage you to bookmark the site or this page so that you can check back often. 

What if I have an idea for new gear?

If you have a kick-ass idea or something you would like to see our logos or designs on, please head over to the contact page and let us know. Outside of that, just bookmark the page and happy shopping!