Design & Fabrication

Design and Fabrication

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From the beginning concept ideas that eventually formed fiN Studios, we always wanted to take things to the next level.  We continually strive to increase our knowledge and desire to express our creativity.  We didn’t know what this would lead to at the time, but eventually it came to us in the way of design and fabrication of 3D printed parts, electronic instruments and Eurorack synthesis.  

So you ask … how did it really start?  How did you get into all of this design and fabrication stuff anyways?  

It all really started when we were building our modular rack and began filling it with modules only to find out that we needed a stand of some sorts.

We scoured the “interwebs” and found all sorts of stands for modular racks, and then it dawned on us… why not make our own?  So we took the dive and purchased our first 3D printer kit. Now, at this point, we knew NOTHING about 3D printing, design and fabrication…. but this is where the fun began.  We started out from scratch.. built everything, reached out to the 3D printing communities and formed solid relationships, only to learn what we know now.  We now, design, fabricate and produce custom parts for our studio, customers and other companies. 

And this my friends…..  is how our Design & Fabrication Studio began in the winter of 2017.  

As the year progressed, we dove head first into 3D design software and our printer to fabricate some of the coolest gadgets. We have made custom pieces for customers, toys for kids, parts for synthesizers and even things that we sell in our own store.

We are always looking for ways to engage our customers and this has been another way to interact with them. These are just a sample of some of the printing we have done for either ourselves or for our customers.

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Do you have ideas, concepts or products you would like to see added to our ETSY store or Studio Store?  Want to see time-lapse videos of products being made or videos of the final builds?  Just drop us a line and we will see what we can do!

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy the products we produce here at fiN Studios.

~ f i N