Cereal Instruments 'swerve' - DIY Build

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Cereal Instruments is back with another module and this one is known simply as ‘swerve’. The ‘swerve’ is considered a novice build with its layout consisting of 1 potentiometer and 8 jacks. Each of the top jacks can be switched by the any one of the three below it. A simple turn of the rotary switch and the signal quickly changes. 

But what is this module used for? This module can be used to route cv to different inputs to control the output of the signal. It can be used for vibrato, cutoffs, a signal & hold and many other applications including a straight input to 3x output.  Cereal Instruments ‘swerve’ is also self patchable so that you can reroute signals almost as a bus within your rack. One thing is for sure is that this little 4HP module is very versatile and for a passive module, its circuitry is simple and yet complex. Let us get on with the build shall we?

Let’s get on with the build shall we?

For this build we utilized top down soldering for the beginning and bottom side soldering for the latter. Start by setting everything out and separating all of the components so that they are easily accessible and easy to find. The jacks are up first.

Place the jacks in line on the PCB making sure to line them up correctly with the circuit. We have included a PDF of the document that comes with the kit in case you need a quick reference. It can be found in the links below. 

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Let the soldering begin…

After lining up the jacks and placing them in the correct orientation, we tacked down the ground pins and then placed the rotary switch onto the PCB. Next up, place the panel over the jacks and the rotary switch, making sure to leave one nut below the panel on the switch.

Tighten down the nuts on the jacks and switch and then flip the board over to solder the remaining pins on both the jacks and the switch. Last up is the knob placement on the rotary switch.

'swerve' - Time Lapse Build

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'swerve' Build Gallery

The Cereal Instruments ‘swerve’ module has great asthetics. The matte black panel with its white silkscreen and bright orange knob really make it stand out amongst other modules. We also got a kick out of the little SUV on the front of the panel and the quote on the PCB by the one and only Clive Barker… “and this storey, having no beginning, will have no end“.  One thing is for sure, along with its cereal bowl logo, these little things really give the module character. 

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Our Final Thoughts . . .

Being that Cereal Instruments is relatively new to the manufacturing world of modular synthesis, we have to say that they are really coming out strong. We already had their Store-O-Rack which was a great concept if you have space available in your rack. Now, they follow their other modules, mesh and thump with ‘swerve’. All of which are very utilitarian in ones rack. We look forward to the next module from Cereal Instruments and you bet that we will be picking it up upon its initial release.

Make sure and check out our review of the Store-O-Rack and then head on over to the Cereal Instruments Reverb site or follow them on Instagram. If you pick something up, tell them you heard about here!

Comments or Suggestions?

If you have questions about the build process or suggestions/feedback about this article, feel free to let us know by contacting us  We look forward to hearing from you!

Until the next build … 

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