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Error Instruments TOMO (Ketchup) – DIY Build

Error Instruments TOMO Eurorack Module - DIY Build

When it comes to unique modules in the Eurorack world, a few names come to mind. One being Error Instruments located in the Netherlands. The owner, Paul Tas is like a mad scientist when it comes to his creations and the new Error Instruments TOMO is no exception.

The TOMO is a new 12HP touch interface CV/gate controller for eurorack synthesizers. Originally released as a stand alone module, the “Ketchup” version of TOMO finds its way into DIYers hearts. We picked one up immediately after hearing of its release. 

So whats with the TOMO names?​

Ketchup, Toxic, Blanks, TOMO … these are all different names for the versions or panel colors of TOMOs. The Ketchup is the only DIY version and basically matches the color of our favorite dipping sauce. This is the kit we assembled for this review and build video. TOMO Toxic is a yellowish green color and TOMO blanks is a white version of the glitchy touch controller. 

The original TOMO panel comes in a black and is still readily available if you are interested. They are all available over at Pauls ETSY shop.

Enough with all the filler, let’s get onto the build!

New Products Coming To The Store!

New Products Coming Soon!

Coming late summer and early fall of 2018, is a whole new line of products that we are producing here in the studio shop.  As you can see from the gallery above, we have a wide range of new products from 1U Eurorack panels to our handy Jack Bites which help keep you from scratching your precious Eurorack Modules during assembly.  

Stay tuned for more details but here are just a few tidbits of some of our new offerings coming soon to the Store!

  • USB Cable Racks – various colors will be available – price TBD
  • 3U SD and MicroSD Eurorack Card Holder – various colors will be available – price TBD
  • 1U Eurorack Blank Panels – various colors will be available – price TBD 
  • 3U Eurorack Blank Panels – various sizes and colors will be available – price TBD
  • Jack Bites DIY Eurorack Panel Sockets – various sizes and colors will be available – price TBD 

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