Audio Parasites Pac Man Blank Light Module - DIY Build

Everyone loves to customize their modular system and as time passes there are more and more options available to do so. We were scouring our favorite synth Facebook pages to find a really retro and badass module. Audio Parasites is known for their unique panels and their fresh looking take on eurorack. 

At one point, they had posted a LED light up module that had Pac Man and 3 Ghosts on it. This was just something we had to get our hands on!

Bagged up kit
A tiny little bag for a cool module

The Build - Chomp Chomp Chomp

Being an 80’s kid, it was only natural that we had to get our hands on this module. Since it wasn’t located on their site to purchase, we reached out via DM and hoped they would respond. With our luck, they did and we ordered up one of these modules as well as a Pam New Workout black panel. They have so many other versions of panels you would be amazed. 

Pac Man Rear Power
Pac Man Rear Power
Pac Man Front Stand offs
Pac Man Front Stand offs

The build consisted of a couple standoffs, LEDs, and some resistors. Oh, let’s not forget about the power header and the power cable to light this puppy up. 

As you can see from the images above, its a wide board and this is very much an easy build for any level of builder. It took us about 10 min to complete the entire build. 

Pac Man Kit - added LED covers

Resistors do not have an orientation so you can mount them in any direction you choose. When all the resistors have been populated, simply tack everything down with a dab of solder and move onto the next pad.  

Power Header

The power header can be mounted at any time, just make sure you mount it on the correct side (back) and match the orientation on the PCB. An easy way to mount this is to place a dab of solder on one of the pads and then gently click the piece into place as you heat the pad back up. This will allow the header to be held in place while you tack down the rest of the pins. 

LEDs and panel mounting

The kit comes supplied with 4 LEDs. They do not have a shield around them so we opted to put one on each bulb to keep the light source forward. As you can tell from the photos below, it turned out great. Since these are not part of the kit, do not expect to get these if you happen to have your kit ordered. Before placing and tacking down the LEDs, make sure the long leg goes through the hold on the PCB marked with a ( + ) sign. 

After these are placed in the correct order, grab the front panel and mount it to the stand offs. Now you can push the LEDs forward and tack them down since they are close to the panel. This just gives them a brighter and more directed light. In the end, it looks badass. 

Audio Parasites Pac Man Build Gallery

Audio Parasites Pac Man Module - Final Thoughts...

While there are so many options for blank panels for your modular system, we like unique and out of the ordinary ones. The Audio Parasites Pac Man light up blank is nothing of the ordinary and we love the nostalgic feel it has to it. It immediately takes us back to the 80s and spending hours and not to mention hundreds of quarters on playing Pac Man. 

Audio Parasites have some unique panels for your modules as well as some really cool blanks. Maybe one day we can get a Flux Capacitor blank … we heard rumors of its existence!

If you have questions about the build process or suggestions/feedback about this article, feel free to let us know by contacting us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Until the next build …

~ f i N

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