4MS Atoner Eurorack Module - DIY Build

For our latest eurorack build, we take on the mystical Atoner by 4MS Company. This little beast is only available as a kit that can either be ordered from 4MS directly or through other DIY module shops. We picked up ours from the gang out at SynthCube and dove right into the build.

As for the build itself, it was relatively straight forward thanks to the extensive BOM and assembly guide that were provided with the 4MS Atoner kit. Where the build can wonder into the intermediate build category is with the tight ground wiring and navigation of confined spaces (see photos). With that being said, make sure your iron is clean and primed correctly as you don’t want to go into this build with a dirty iron or a dull tip. As for aesthetics, we loved the graphic design on the panel but didn’t care for the knobs that were supplied with the kit. They looked like generic cheap knock off Davies clones, so we chose our own orange Davies Clones to give our 4MS Atoner a little more flavor.

4MS Atoner - Time Lapse Build Video

So what exactly is the 4MS Atoner and what can it do for your rack? According to the companies website the 4MS Atoner is a “unique and versatile device used for creating quantized melodies tuned to an input frequency”. It can also generate poly-rhythmic clock and trigger outputs and be also used as a pitch shifting module based on harmonics. The companies site also goes on to state that it is used for “general mischief and mayhem” which from what we have experienced with it, is true.

4MS Atoner - Build Gallery

4MS Atoner - Features and Specifications

Features of the 4MS Atoner according to the 4mscompany.com website:
“Harmonics are extracted from an on-board oscillator or external audio signal and outputed as audio or clock pulses. The Position knob sets the cut-off frequency, under which all frequencies will be stepped downwards along a harmonic sequence (octaves, 5ths, 3rds, etc) all the way to sub-audible clicking sounds. Thus, a scale or clock signal can be generated from a single tone.

Two CV inputs and their respective +/- Vary Amount knobs modulate the Position cut-off. The mix of the two CV inputs plus the Position knob is outputted on a CV jack, and another CV output jack provides a steady +10V clock pulse that is jumper-selectable to be a clock division of the audio output (/1, /2, /32, /64, or non-linear division).”

Module Details:
Manufactured by: 4MS
Model: Atoner
Type: Frequency extractor+clock/rhythm generator

Power Draw: 60mA
Depth: 34mm (1.33″)
Height: 3U
Width: 16HP

4MS Atoner - Audio Samples

Additional Build Notes

At first glance and first use, the module can seem very overwhelming, but thanks to 4MS, they have also created a very detailed little cheat sheet for you to start out with. You can view it by clicking here

We look forward to spending more time with our 4MS Atoner and plan on putting it to vast use with our current rack setups.

If you have any questions about the build process or if you would like to send us your comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

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