Time Lapse Build: Radio Music Module

We take on the Radio Music Module by Music Thing Modular in this latest build.  While this little module seems like a quick and easy module, there are some tidbits you definitely want to pay attention to when building it.  Its multi-PCB and aluminum panel contain cause some headaches to some due to the snug panel fit and close soldering points.  

The Radio Music Module houses a Teensy module which allows you to program and flash the firmware on the module itself.  This can be useful if you would like to swap out firmware and give the module a facelift with the Chord Organ firmware if so desired. 

Please Note:  You will need to purchase a MicroSD card and a Micro-B cable to setup this module.  I would suggest buy genuine SanDisk or Kingston brand MicroSD cards (32GB maximum) on Amazon or elsewhere.  32GB cards will give you approx. 108 hours of lossless audio in 16bit 44.1khz. The total file limit per card is 1200 files. 

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You can check out the build documents and documentation here – https://github.com/TomWhitwell/RadioMusic/wiki

GUIDE: Preparing the Teensy – https://github.com/TomWhitwell/RadioMusic/wiki/Preparing-the-Teensy

Download the latest software here – http://polyfather.com/radio_music/

Full project details and documentation here – http://github.com/TomWhitwell/RadioMusic/

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Modular Building Weekend: Radio Music Machine

We will be taking on the Music Thing: Radio Music 4hp Virtual Radio module this week/weekend and will be filming all the goodness in a time lapse.  This is a tricky little module as its piggybacked by a Teensy module, which can be programmed separately. This module is where the firmware is stored and flashed as one is able to alter the firmware to ones liking.  I am sure we will start of with the stock firmware and eventually flash the Teensy in the near future to get even more out of the module.

Another cool thing about this module is that the onboard SD card can be formatted with various samples to ones liking and the settings.txt file can be manually edited to turn on and off various settings.  

We are excited to build this module, as we have had in our build box since Christmas 2017.  We purchased this DIY kit from Thonk UK alongside our Turing Machine Module. 

Stay tuned to see how the build comes along!

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Time Lapse Build: Reverse Landfill – NOISE! Oscillator

Modular Madness: Reverse Landfill - NOISE! Oscillator Time Lapse

For today’s time lapse build we took on the Reverse Landfill NOISE! Oscillator.  This was a fun little module to build and only took about 2-3 hours total . . . but it does require some extra solid core wire to finish the build.  We didn’t have any sitting around so we had to salvage what we could from another donor project and once we got the NOISE soldered up, we were impressed how the build was relatively simple. 

Let us know if you have any questions about the build or if you need more detailed photos of the completed module to help your build. 

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Time Lapse Build: Reverse Landfill – NOISE!

Make sure and check out one of our latest builds, the Reverse Landfill – NOISE!.  We will posting a time lapse of the entire build and look forward to hearing what this awesome little module does in our rack!


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Time Lapse Build: Trogotronic M11 VCA

Time Lapse Build: Trogotronic M11

Trogotronic Logo
"These machine kills fascists"

After a brief hiatus from the studio, we finally sat down to some kits we recently acquired.  The first one we tackled this month was the Trogotronic M11 VCA.  This 4hp module can be used as an Audio Controller, CV Generator, CV Controller, and a VCA (all at pretty much the same time).  It also has a momentary button which has the capabilities to add some awesome effects to your mix.  

The kit itself was a relatively simple build, but we really didn’t like that the resistors were precut upon opening up the kit.  Due to the color coding of resistors, we highly recommend you have a tester avail before tackling this kit.  You can see the one we use in the video.  Check out the vid and let us know what you think. 

ps. It features music by maKo from the forthcoming oRigiNs album. 

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