BDS update

When: Tonight 

Where: Studio C – portable

Description:  Work on black dreaM syndroMe artist page with an emphasis on the sound bites. 

Studio A – Maintenance

Where: Sacramento CA – Studio A

Time: 2:00 pm PST 

Description:  Adding new iMac for mastering and changing layout of modular synth. 

General Site Maintenance

When: November 18, 2017

Where: Online

Description:  Working on updates to ensure store is functioning and also new graphics are in place for the artist pages. 

Album Mastering – maKo

When: November 16, 2017
Where: Studio A – Sacramento CA
Time: 5.00 pm – 11.30 pm PST

For more information about maKo, please check out our Artist page.

~ f i N

Random Photo – maKo

From the vaults….